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The surveys

The information collected from surveys reaches clients, but will always conceal individual identity. Survey results are aggregated by combining responses with those provided by other participants who have also completed the online survey. This data is stored in a database that can be analyzed by clients, but personal data will never be revealed, sold or traded without your permission.

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No advance knowledge, no excellent writing skills and no PHD required.You just need to just share your thoughts, simply through something called Paid Surveys – the easiest and legit way to make money online from the internet.

How can you earn money from taking online surveys?

Phenom is an online paid survey community portal where consumers influence future products and services by volunteering to participate in consumer research, such as online surveys and product tests. Members enjoy the benefits of voicing their opinions, while also getting rewarded and make money online.

Understanding the purpose

Survey invitations are sent out to members via email every few days and can be taken any time during the survey period. The number of surveys members receive during the month usually depends on the types of surveys that are being conducted and how suitable members are for each survey. Incentives, such as points, vouchers and sweepstake entries, are rewarded upon completion of surveys and vary according to region.

Online Material

As a member, you will be able to respond to surveys or mini-polls covering health, sport, travel and any other aspect of your daily life. All of our surveys are conducted on the Internet. You are free to decide whether or not to participate in the surveys that are offered to you.

Types of surveys

Occasionally, diaries will be sent out where members will record specific behavior or habits for the amount of time that’s being asked, such as beer consumption. Other times, products will be mailed to members’ home address for product testing and will then be prompted with questions about the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All jobs listed on our site are verified and approved before being made public.

Online survey companies may compensate participants in more than one form. Some organizations pay out cash that is directly deposited into Paypal accounts. Others send out checks or preloaded store gift cards made out for the amount of payment and then mailed to participants’ home addresses. Some survey companies even offer rewards points that are redeemable at online retailers for discounts on products and services.

At the time of publication, Phenom lists several paying survey companies, including American Consumer Opinion, Survey junkie, E-Poll Surveys and Online survey websites may serve as a part of much larger and established market research corporations that have a slightly different name. For example, is hosted by Focus Pointe Global, a firm that has been around for more than 23 years.

You are allowed to complete as many surveys as you can every single day.

The majority of the survey jobs listed on our website portal as only for U.S. based applicants, though a few are open for people in Canada, the U.K. and Australia.

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